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Cherry cola bottles

Who doesn't love a classic combination like cherry and cola? We do, even more so because these are completely cruelty free. Grab yours and watch your favourite movie! Or take them on the bus for your evening commute home. Served in our biodegradable, eco friendly cups, and paper bags depending on size...you can feel good about not harming the planet while enjoying our sweets.


Available in 150g, 300g, and 600g options.

See below for allergens and ingredients.

  • Ingredients

    • Sugar

    • glucose syrup
    •  wheatstarch
    • water
    • modified maize starch
    • acids: E260
    • E270
    • E296; modified potato starch
    •  caramel syrup
    • flavourings
    • vegetable concentrate: black carrot.

      Allergens: contains WHEAT